Trend man and woman choose Airwheel

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  Abstract: in the growing popularity of the smart car for two years, you see on the television screen a lot at first, with the increase of popularity, now it is all over the world, to everyone's life. The following will give you recommend a few smart car.

Trend man and woman choose Airwheel

  In the car race, there is a big part of the young people of fashion beautiful, they like come special models - powered unicycle. Even if there are all sorts of beautiful fashionable car here, how can young people full of fashionable breath had? Their choice is still a "maverick". Besides appearance is good, in the bustling stream of people and traffic can also become the focus of the crowd, then introduce a few electric unicycle of fashion and personality.

  Model a: Airwheel Q3

  This is our love, all electric unicycle models in life the best, both at home and abroad, word of mouth is first-class, when it comes to appearance, Q3 doesn’t like X series of cool feeling, but a lot more affinity, because the relationship between double, beginners learn very quickly. On the accessory facilities, Q3 is using a SONY power battery, this is the world's brand is the best, battery life is the best, good safety. On the use feeling, love had Q3 two-wheel design increases the tire and ground contact area, suitable for beginners of unicycle.

  Model 2: Airwheel X3

  Airwheel X series are taking cool line, that can let a person saw would eager to try riding a car. On the parameters, love had unicycle done for most people to recognize, X3 has 18 km/h top speed is, in the case of a full charge can maintain a range, about 20 km, riding on a demand is more than enough to meet daily, in general, buy unicycle is for the daily walking, usually go to work or go out to the supermarket, will not cost too much power, the X3 can meet without any pressure. X series of sensitivity is very high, since there is only one wheel, 9.8 KG of one-wheel X3 can carry, nurturing convenient, or in the car boot can be fixed.

  Three models: Airwheel Q1

  Q series in Q1 appearance, for the most compact model arc structure, smart appearance, custom flat tire faster let it on the road. Q1 two-wheel balancing car first launch had got everybody's enthusiasm, love, is the world's double wheel unicycle founder, gradually after I love had a double wheel this series of models on the market popular. Powerful motor Q1 in uphill when performance is particularly good, a lot of user response, at the time of upslope and, in the body of the car response is extremely strong, is the real intelligent vehicles.

  Above three models is love, one more hit in Wisconsin, if interested friends can visit Airwheel website to view the related models.

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