As easily as though walking upon a level road, feeling the thrill of speed of mars rover

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  There is a global prevent worldwide, the users has increased to over 2 million, covering countries around the world, now is the most market occupied brand.

  So, what is Airwheel advantage of Airwheel mars rover which causes people the entire world who chooses this brand?

As easily as though walking upon a level road, feeling the thrill of speed of mars rover

  Although the mars rover have been into market for a period, it still ranged the relative new technology, despite currently diversified different brands, in general, those brands are lack of concept of creation and favorable price, also the working theory between the different brand unicycle are slightly different, the vast majority of the Mars rover brands are follow the others, does not the any technology in itself, with no creative idea during the design period, only copy and imitate, but the Airwheel is different, Airwheel has their own independent research and development team, the designer designed the mars rover basic according to the consumers needs, innovation has its mission, innovation has its own soul.

  Through the mars rover appearance looks no different, you will find the really distinct while you riding, the good type out shell looks smooth and resistant to wear, do not hit and fell on the cracked damage, also the inner motor, battery and intelligent chip, these equivalent to the entire core of important parts of the car, Airwheel mars rover motor apply the latest magnetic suspension, strong silent power, Sony lithium battery, longer life, in all cases the user can complete an excellent riding needs, no need repeat recharge, increased the life of mars rover indirectly.

Airwheel user keep increasing currently, more and more powerful performance, style choices, intelligent represents, Airwheel unicycle has been adhering to its own path, for bring users more experience, whatever from the point view of environment or the material choice, configuration, Airwheel is the best choice.

  Environment friendly and energy saving, green travel.

  Airwheel electric unicycle all depends on the electric power, the worked by aviation attitude and fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope working principle, absolutely zero emission, no environment pollution, comply with the call of green travel, truly realized the environment protection, build up the health atmosphere, in the country worldwide, especially the fast developing city, because of the developed, and huge population, the bad road condition, serious traffic condition, to introduce new energy saving personal transport to replace the current motor vehicle has become the urgent matter

  Environment and traffic is major global problem, definitely not be able to changed by overnight, Airwheel mars rover purpose to change the currently traffic environment of China, when we feel weak of solve the environment problem, don’t be discouraged, this situation can be changed a lot by little bit change for start, Airwheel mars rover invite you build up green travel environment.

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