Analysis of two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3

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  Summary: since the early stage of seen the Airwheel new product S3 lunched, it was attractive by the good looking, after introduction, we surprised by the strong performance, realized the era come of portable personal transport.

  Smoothly acceleration and sensitivity of high performance has makes the Airwheel S3 incomparable shine, from the early stage, Airwheel produced X and Q series unicycle, have achieved good sales performance, not only exported for ten counties, but in just one year, Airwheel brand has become a world well know brand of portable car, the fans of scoter has reached for more than two million, and enjoy the famous brand at the same industry.

Analysis of two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3

  Let ‘s return the Airwheel S3, this is two wheeled self balancing intelligent scooter, first of all, it is an intelligent self balancing two wheeled scooter, it has two major tire tread, S 3 tires applied the natural rubber, the special decorative pattern on the tires. This makes S3 will not slip during riding, which in order to ensure the driver’s safety. On the other hand, more important aspect such as tires, out shell, if that detail reflects the quality of S3, also the Airwheel hardware is key element too.

  Magnetic suspension motor provides superior power

  S3, the two wheeled intelligence self –balancing, power mainly generated from magnetic suspension motor, the reason of replaced the traditional gear motor switched to new magnetic suspension motor, one reason is process of moving does not produce annoying noise, the other is when replaced the wearing parts, also extended the life.

  Sony power lithium battery has extended the super driving distance.

  The world's leading smart chip excellent driving experience.

  The reason of self balancing scooter, because this scooter operate is rely on internal smart chip, a qualified intelligent self balancing scooter, the chip is very important, poor sensitivity chip is relative lower reaction, people feel tired while riding, The high sensitivity of the smart chip, as long as the drivers make minor physical reactions, the car will be able to travel with the driver.

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  S3 two wheeled self balancing scooter receive the good praise received from market, the intelligence self balancing scooter on the best cost performance, besides of the outside looks fashion, the performance also better, which is the best choose for the personal transpor.

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