A Panorama of Airwheel Q5

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  Airwheel intelligent scooter, as the savior to urban traffic, begins to prevail in metropolitans worldwide. With its premium look and superior performance, Airwheel Q5 debuts as a new generation of personal transporter, ready to improve urban traffic in an revolutionary way.

  Today we will take a look at the latest Airwheel Q5 unicycle, which is shown as above. As a new model launched in the second half of 2014, it’s been well received among fans on market.

  Q5’s exterior design is in consistence with the typical Airwheel style: concise yet not simple. Highlighted by smooth curve, premium casing and colorful cushion pads, Q5 emphasizes on better user experience and differs in the round-shaped and extended pedal design, which protects users from scrapes and bruises.

A Panorama of Airwheel Q5

  One cannot tell the Q5’s performance from its exterior look or specifications, yet a few subtle changes are added to the consistent configuration. Many would comment that Airwheel Q5, compared with previous models, has made little progress. It is true in terms of basic performance, with top speed of 18km/h, top range of 20km, it suffices to be a daily personal transporter.

  When it comes down to the inner configuration, Airwheel Q5 delivers some low-key and ingenious design, such as the removable stand bracket. As is agreed by industry insiders, Airwheel Q5 is designed for better user experience. However some customers would complain about a driving system, for they anticipate a leap in performance as a new model.

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  Anyway Q5 features other innovative design to make a difference. For trendsetters or urban commuters who’re keen for something fresh and challenging, Q5’s various customization possibility will never bore them. With a simple replacement of cushion pads, step on to zoom around, and park it wherever you want, enjoy your life on the go.

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