AirWheel Q5 Review: A transport that redefines convenience

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Scooters? Skateboards? Roller shoes? They are not for everyone. There are times when you are just so lazy to drive nearby to a café for a drink because your mind is probably bogged by parking challenges and traffic, here’s finally something that could probably change the way you move yourself around the roads. Last month, our editorial team was approached by Malaysia Airwheel, a new start up company that produces and sells electric powered unicycles, and our intern here had a first try on one of their flagship models – the AirWheel X8. At first impressions, it seem like an easy thing to ride on however once you step on it, it literally is a whole new learning experience even if you are a professional biker.

The AirWheel Q5 is a much easier to ride model out of the AirWheel line ups, it features dual wheels for better stability, a gyroscope is built-in to ensure the unit doesn’t drop easily when stationed and the user makes full use of it to control the unicycle’s actions – speeding up, slowing down, turning left and right. The Q5 has a maximum speed of 18km/h and travels up to a maximum distance of 23km with its 170Wh battery in a single charge. Our intern took almost two weeks of learning to ride the AirWheel Q5 and it has generally become his daily transport to nearby places for a nice cup of latte. We are not going to spoil too much fun here, play the video to find out the review of the AirWheel Q5.

The AirWheel Q5 retails at RM2,899, visit for more details.

The Good:

+ The safest unicycle in the market
+ Priced more affordable than a Segway
+ Simple maintenance
+ Long travelling distance

The Not so Good:

- Takes time to learn
– Standing pads slippery when in contact with water
– Usability unsuitable on Malaysian roads

We rate the AirWheel Q5 at 8.4/10

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