Airwheel to Head for CONSTRUMA, Budapest, Hungary in April

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  As an international building trade exhibition on building supplies, ceramics for Building Purposes and Building Materials, CONSTRUMA will take place in Budapest, Hungary, and last from 15th April and 19th April. Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors are expected to pour into this international exhibition. Airwheel is set to come to CONSTRUMA as one of exhibitors to exhibit its latest model, the intelligent self-balancing scooter S3, along with its classic models of X-series and twin-wheeled scooter Q-series. At the exhibition, Hungarian fans of Airwheel intelligent products will be lucky to experience various Airwheel intelligent unicycles and twin-wheeled scooters.

Airwheel to Head for CONSTRUMA, Budapest, Hungary in April

  Although it is not a long time since the establishment of Airwheel, it has been prevailing around the world and widely used. Its success owes to excellent design and cutting-edge technology. Airwheel has three product lines: X-series, Q-series and S-series. Each series is designed to perfection of exterior design and safety. Technologically, Airwheel has been making lots of efforts in terms of environmental protection so as to conform to the current global trend-Low Carbon. For that, Airwheel introduces a lithium battery core which eradicates emission.

  Take the most popular twin-wheeled scooter Q-series for example: Twin-wheeled scooter Q-series is the state-of-the-art means of transportation adopting aerospace control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Akin to the techniques of riding a bicycle, the riders keep balance on twin-wheeled scooter of Q-series by slightly tilting sideways. Twin-wheeled scooter of Q-series delivers super light and portable nature. Speed limit protection, low battery protection, titling protection and alert sound serve to provide you the all-around protection. The cutting-edge technology assures riders of safety in a reliable way.

self balance electric unicycle,2-wheeled electric scooter,one wheel electric scooter

  If you are eager for further personal experience, welcome to join CONSTRUMA to visit Airwheel’s booth!

  2-wheeled electric scooter ,one wheel electric scooter

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