Airwheel self balancing scooter whooshes to the top at the Malaysian Open

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  MALAYSIA, 12TH MARCH 15’: The Malaysian Open which was recently held in the city of Kuala Lumpur featured some of the top seeded games enthralling crowds who had come from all over the world to witness the event. But, one attraction that left everyone asking for more was the Airwheel self balancing scooter which was a true crowd puller.

Airwheel self balancing scooter whooshes to the top at the Malaysian Open

  This scooter has set the benchmark in personal transportation technology as it brings to users a scooter which is intelligent as it responds to user movement and adds to the pleasure of riding which literally feels like flying. The scooter is seat less, throttle/brake less which makes it one of a kind in every sense of the word.

  The controls of the scooter take their cues from the user’s movements, a feature that adds to the smooth, obstacle free experience something that has never been experienced. Once the user adjusts the controls to realize dynamic balance, he or she can ride with the wind.

  In terms of performance, there is no compromise. Airwheel, as a pioneer in innovation and technology has invested extensive research and countless years of product development in bringing forward a scooter that is truly a revolution in personal transportation.

  Company experts feel the Airwheel self balancing scooter can also be used in low impact sports such as golf. In fact, at the event the scooter was promoted by Royal Selangor Golf Club in JALAN TUN RAZAK to convey this feature.

  For tennis fans at the Malaysian Open it was a different kind of treat one, that combined their passion for an intense sport with a breezy experience offered by this adorable, amazingly smooth self balancing scooter.

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  About Airwheel Self Balancing Scooter:

  Based on the principle of self balance, this new innovation from the Airwheel brand offers a gliding experience that is simply unmatched. With intention control movements, the scooter enhances safety while making sure the rider achieves preferred distance not compromising on comfort and pleasure.

  The scooter, which was recently highlighted at the Malaysian Open Tennis Tournament, was a star attraction giving fans an experience to remember. To learn more about this futuristic invention, please click on the link,

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