Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet — A Reliable Partner to Record the Exciting Moment

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Abstract: Airwheel, the leading smart vehicle transport manufacturer, fills its blank in the field of wearable equipment with the release of C series of smart helmets. C5, as the founding model has laid a solid foundation for the later products, with many innovative yet practical functions.  

The release of C5 intelligent helmet has broken the stereotype of Airwheel — intelligent electric scooter and has filled Airwheel's blank in the field of cycling equipment. C5, as the founding model has laid a solid foundation for the later products, with many innovative yet practical functions, like high-definition camera, Bluetooth player, and speaker free of noise and so on.


Smart helmet


In addition to protecting the head effectively, the uniqueness of Airwheel C5 lies in its intelligence. Firstly, Airwheel C5 is a reliable partner to record the exciting moment. When people are cycling or doing other Extreme sports, they can't hold a camera in hands to catch the beautiful scenery that they hope to remember, they can't preserve the exciting moments that they want to share with others, nor can they record the unbelievable scenes which are difficult to describe in words.


Airwheel C5


Based on the public needs, Airwheel C5 smart helmet comes out and turns it into reality to record while riding. C5 has a camera in anti-shake design with high-resolution of 2K and a wide field of vision of 150 degrees, so it can produce gorgeous and high-quality pictures.


Airwheel C5


More importantly, C5 is ultra-easy to operate either via the shortcut keys in both sides or via the mobile App. C5 helmet camera has a maximum internal memory of 128 G, which makes it possible to store large amounts of data. And with its built-in Bluetooth transmission modular and WI-FI modular, C5 can connect to other intelligent equipment, such as smart phone, pad and computer. In addition, with the Airwheel App in the smart phone, people can upload the pictures and videos taken by C5 to the social platforms easily.


Airwheel C5


And the Bluetooth player can play riders' favorite songs, and the speaker allows riders to answer phone calls during riding. To sum up, Airwheel C5 sports camera makes recording very convenient for us to preserve the precious moments in life.

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