Airwheel Rises to Prominence All Over the World for Its Rich Product Chains

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Abstract: Airwheel rises to prominence all over the world, for its responsible manner and sound reputation and more importantly for its rich product chains.

Airwheel was initiated by a group of pioneers who take constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology. Its core products including portable smart transportation vehicles, service robots, smart helmets, underwater propeller and surfboard etc. that are exported to over 100 countries and regions.


smart ebikes


Airwheel electric scooter is dedicated to producing safe, solid and humanized products. In the consumers' minds, Airwheel has provided fresh comfortable user experience with its modern concise design. Customer-oriented design concept is Airwheel's philosophy with the products of standard-setting by considering every detail. Propelled by customers' opinions, Airwheel keeps continuous upgrade of user experience, both in material, function and safety.


smart helmets


Airwheel is proud of its rich product chains ranging from electric scooter, e bike, and smart helmet and unmanned aerial vehicle. At the very beginning, Airwheel released electric unicycles to meet the adventurous riders' demands, and then the 2-wheeled electric scooters were invented to let the public enjoy the high tech gadgets, like the A3, S8 and Z5. In 2016, the smart e bike including E series and R series were rolled out to make the daily commuting even more convenient. At the beginning of 2017, from series of new products, like C series of intelligent helmets and F series of drone with camera, we can learn that Airwheel is keeping abreast with times.


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Airwheel is the industry leader in cloud computing image signal processing, electronic communication, sensor multi-signal fusion processing and 5G technology, and robot vision, auditory, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous planning route, multi-sensor information fusion processing technology, robot arm design and underwater propulsion. This has laid a solid foundation for its future development. In the future, Airwheel mars rover will increase R & D in the field of artificial intelligence, speed up the transformation of the results, well operate the artificial intelligence incubator and form the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem and industry chain, and form its unique advantages in the new generation of IT and software, services robot, and other intelligent products.

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