Felix's Whole Families Are Happy with Airwheel Mars Rover

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Abstract: Despite of the great achievement gained, Airwheel will continue to provide customers with all-around and interactive service via efficient and humanized resource integration and cooperation. Here is an example from Felix's whole families with Airwheel mars rover.

For a family of three, Felix works hard and has little time to accompany with his parents. Felix feels sorry, and he chooses the Airwheel mini electric scooter as a means of transport, laboring saving and safe to organize a family tour.  


Airwheel S8


Felix selects the Airwheel S8  self-balancing scooter as his mother's vehicle. It uses space attitude control principle, fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system to go back, forth and change directions, users lean the body slightly forward and backward to achieve progress, acceleration, deceleration, braking and other driving operations, similar to a bicycle that depends on the body center gravity to achieve. The shine point of S8 saddle-equipped scooter is the dual ride mode—the sitting posture mode lets his mother be familiar with S8 and the standing posture mode makes riding more exciting. During the trip, Airwheel S8 is not only mother' means of transport, but also a resting tool at any time.


Airwheel R3


Felix prepares the Airwheel R3 as his father's exclusive tool. R3 is easier to control, and also can achieve three riding modes: electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and bodybuilding mode. His father is fond of cycling in daily life and the R3 has enriched his cycling. Just like traditional bikes, R3 electric aided-bicycle can build up body in man-powered mode. To achieve a long range, R3 can provide different levels of power assistance based on the choice of gear. If his father is tired, he can choose the electricity-assisted mode, and it just like other e bikes can be ridden without pedaling.


Airwheel M3


For Felix, he prefers to the Airwheel M3. The modular design of M3 makes it possible to customize one's own M3 electric skateboard by changing the paster or board and even the battery. Adopted the customized tires into M3 with features of skid proof, strong grip effect, wide tire design, is suitable for the whole road conditions. Felix can play to his heart content. Together with the exclusive phone App for M3, Airwheel offers more intelligent functions and funny ways of ridings.

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