Airwheel C6 Smart Motorcycle Helmet Is Not Merely a Protective Equipment

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: After successfully developing kinds of intelligent electric scooters, electric skateboards and smart e bikes, Airwheel is devoted to the reach and development of intelligent helmets. Airwheel C6, one of the new arrivals in C series can be used during riding vehicles and also displays its ability in other outdoor activities.

To the public, Airwheel has become the byword of intelligent electric scooters, because of the first series of products. While, the intelligent protective equipment like helmet extends the business scope of Airwheel. It can be matched with various vehicles and displays its skills in other outdoor activities, taking the C6 open face helmet for an example.


smart helmet


No matter during your riding or some other Extreme sports, a helmet is necessary to protect yourself. Airwheel C6, one of the new arrivals in C series is able to safeguard the travel. Its shell is made of ABS material with the features of high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance. Also, C6 cool motorcycle helmet is coated with a material that makes it rain resistant for between three to four hours. In case of dark environment, C6 equips itself with a caution light in the rear and it will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian.


Airwheel C6


In addition to the comprehensive protection systems, riding or doing Extreme sports will become more cordial along with Airwheel C6, as it makes ingenious combination between intelligent technology and helmet, transforming the illusory imagination into reality. C6 helmet heads up display is embedded with a high-definition camera. The 120° wide angle view, intelligent accompanying camera can capture the images precisely and record the wonderful videos automatically, instead of stopping to take several pictures by cameras. Also, C6 can be connected with mobile phones and then users can upload the wonderful videos or images into social platforms.


motorcycle helmet


Besides, users can listen to music while riding. The wind sound won't influence the listening effect during outdoor activities thanks to the high tone quality Bluetooth loudspeaker. All in all, Airwheel C6 intelligent helmet for road safety is not merely a protective equipment.

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