New Member in Airwheel Z Series—Z8 Mini Electric Scooter for Kids and Parents

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Abstract: Earlier in 2017, Airwheel pushed out several new products to meet the increasingly competitive market, for instance the Airwheel C6 open face helmet, C8 racing helmet and Z8 lightweight electric scooter. Though the Airwheel Z8 is not the most innovative and eye-catching product, Z8 enjoys the largest consumer base, as it is suitable for kids and parents.

To be honest, Airwheel Z8 is not the most innovative and eye-catching product, however, Z8 Lightweight Electric Scooter enjoys the largest consumer base. To find out the reasons behind its popularity, it should be discussed from the design concept.


Folding electric scooter


According to its project manager, they have to be in users' shoes totally to design Z8. One vehicle that can meet the whole families' demands is extraordinary. First, the colourful appearance makes life colourful and full of vitality and Z8 with the choices of green, orange, white and black is more attractive. Kids will be fascinated by the bright colours. Meanwhile, Z8 colourful electric foldable scooter is made of magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance and more importantly, such design reduces the item weight to 6.5kg and improves the load capacity to 75kg.


Airwheel Z8


In addition, Airwheel Z8 is easy to fold by lifting and pulling with the innovative foldable handle design. The adjustable operating rod makes it suitable for the whole families, as it can be adjusted according to the rider's height. In addition to adjustable operating rod, there are other two folding structures in the body, namely the handle, the junction of the main frame. 6.5kg item weight and triple folding system of Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter enables individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car.


Airwheel Z8


Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs. Airwheel Z8 smart electric scooter is equipped with the smart phone App.


Airwheel APP


Exclusive Airwheel app is developed to learn the real-time riding condition, such as the speed, residual capacity, track, mileage, etc. Other than that, the App fault self-diagnosis guarantees their safety. Also, they can adjust Airwheel Z8's current velocity parameters so that it can meet travel demand and increase the level of comfort riding experience.

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