What is the Warranty Scope of Airwheel smart Electric Scooters?

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Abstract: If you find that you cannot solve the problem in the daily usage and maintenance, please contact the aftersales staff. Unauthorized demolition of Airwheel mini electric scooter caused the failure and damage is not in the free warranty.

With the join of new models in Airwheel, it is important for riders to learn the adjustment and maintenance. Firstly, the newly purchased Airwheel should be adjusted in good condition, if there is any question, please refer to the Airwheel aftersales staff. If you purchase the electric folding bikes, you can adjust the brake as the ordinary bicycle.


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The key is not only to be able to brake effectively, but also to release the brake without block and make sure the brake power off function is effective. When it has been used for a period, it should be requested professional or designated service station for a comprehensive inspection and adjustment to ensure the comfort, safety and normal service life.


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In addition to the regular maintenance, the warranty scope is also important for riders. To be well-informed of the free after sales service, you can better protect your legal rights. You can get free after sales service as long as you buy Airwheel mars rover from the official channels. Please retain the warranty and proof-of-purchase receipt. It is untransferable. The free Warranty terms are for non-artificial damages only. Any damage due to exposure to outdoor elements such as rain, snow, sun, wind or extreme temperatures will not be covered by this warranty. Any damages because of modifications made to the Airwheel or its components will void this warranty.


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To be more specific, its electronics against defects in material and workmanship are for a period of ONE YEAR from the original date of purchase (does not apply to wearing parts and battery components). Its battery & charger against defects in material and workmanship is for a period of 180 DAYS from the original date of purchase. Any wearing/moving parts such as bearings, casings, and tires against defects in material and workmanship are for a period of 30 DAYS from the original date of purchase.  


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Airwheel shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from self-refit and self-repair, which may cause you to lose your free warranty scope. If something goes wrong, please contact aftersales personnel. You are welcomed to visit http://www.airwheel.net to learn each model's details.

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