Airwheel Z3 Electric Scooter Maintenance: To Replace the Battery and Control Board

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Abstract: Airwheel Z3 eco-friendly electric scooter powered by green electricity is environmental friendly. It never releases tail gas that is good for solving the problem of air pollution and it doesn't consume un-renewable resources like petroleum and diesel, which is helpfully protects the resource of Earth. Today, let's see the battery and control board in detail.

Different from traditional scooters, the pedal of Airwheel Z3 standing up electric scooter adopts the left and right separation design, which assures that riders keep the posture of standing with their foot in the forward direction. Another important feature is the swappable and up-equipped battery design. No matter how far it is, riders can take the battery without power out and change the one with full power. Besides, due to the top-equipped battery design, it will be with riders rain or shine. Today, we will see the secret of the battery and how to replace it and the control board in it.

To replace Z3 folding electric scooters for adults' battery, you need to disconnect the connecting line between battery box and scooter body and remove the battery box first.


Then, open the convers of the battery box, remove the water resistant plug in the lower cover and disconnect the battery from the main board.

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Here is a prompt: Turn on the power switch to discharge

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The next step is to replace the control panel: Disconnect the cable on the main board (please record the wiring position in advance). Then, remove the main board and the heat sink.

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After the removing steps are finished, you can install it as you remove it. Firstly, install the heat sink, fix control board and connect lines according to the previous record. You also need to organize and fasten the lines.

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Then, you need to connect and arrange the lines. Please pay attention that the battery should be inserted into the guide rail. When the battery's instalment is finished, you can mount the battery on the operating arm of Airwheel Z3 smart electric scooter.

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Also, you are welcomed to visit to watch the maintenance video of Airwheel Z3's battery and control board.

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