To Replace the Handle, Brake and Headlight of Airwheel E6 Smart Electric Bike

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Abstract: Before you ride Airwheel E6 portable electric bike, please check the following matters. Rider needs to check the brake function and tires, and to check whether the handle, cushion and folding lock catch are fastened. If not, please tighten the screws. The following describes how to replace the handle, brake and headlight.

Airwheel E6 battery operated bicycle is super easy to learn. Set the E6's head right, fold the arm-brace, fasten the scooter frame and adjust the scooter head and cushion position to ensure a comfortable riding experience. On the side of battery housing, find switching power and open, then hold the handle, step on the pedal one foot by one foot, right down to move accelerator to accelerate, and riders can ride it. For its storage, after cleaning E6 smart electric folding bike, it is better to find a safe place to dry it. Avoid using this product in bad weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow, or ice). Please confirm whether the brake can be used normally when riders want to use it.

The following describes how to replace the handle, brake and headlight. Firstly, replace the thumb handle, brake and headlight. Remove the handlebar grip.

Smart Electric Bike

Disconnect the connecting lines of battery compartment with the bike body and the headlight. And then remove the thumb handle and electronic brake

Replace the Airwheel E6 Handle

Replace the thumb handle and brake in disassembly order and clear up and fasten lines.

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After the removing them, you can install the handlebar grip, fasten handle and electronic brake.

Folding Smart Bike Airwheel E6

Remove and replace the headlight as shown in the picture and then install headlight.

battery operated bicycle Airwheel E6

It is not suggested ride when the App shows only one bar left, or the power switch keeps blinking. If in riding, please keep constantly slow speed. If there is a risk of falling, please protect personal safety first, regardless of E6 intelligent e bike. During the riding process or storage, wear and tear may affect its performance. Hence, you need to change them in time. Also, you are welcomed to visit o watch the maintenance video of Airwheel E6 city electric bike.

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