These Accessories Will Add Much Fun to the Skateboarding With Airwheel M3

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Skateboarding is the dream of a large number of people; it has always been regarded as a toy for fun, not a daily travel tool. After Airwheel's launch of M3, the impression of the common skateboard is changed and more and more people are attracted by M3 electric air board. To make skateboarding more exciting, you may need the following accessories.

Today, several accessories are going to be introduced, like skateboard clothes, protective gear and backpack. These accessories are needed when you play Airwheel M3 electric drift hoverboard and will add more fun into the skateboarding. The most important parts are protective gears, including helmet, knee pads, wristbands (elbow pads). A high quality helmet is your most important safety device when playing with Airwheel M3. The most significant invention for knee pads is plastic knee pads. Wear any a knee pads is better than no wearing knee pads. Skateboard gloves come in many shapes and sizes, and the ideal glove matches a hand and can protect you falling down from injured. With a plastic brim wristband is one of the best wristbands.



As for the skateboarding clothes, there are many styles of clothes. The most common is the ordinary skateboard style. Then PUNK clothes are generally more tight and HIPHOP clothes are generally more relaxed and many other styles of clothes. Playing with Airwheel M3 electric skateboard, you can follow your heart and choose the most comfortable clothes to wear.


Marsrover backpack

Airwheel has released exclusive Backpack for MarsRover. With unique design, mars rover can be put in the middle. What's more, it is water resistant and has good permeability, and has many pockets. With wider and thicker straps, it is excelling in bearing system, which accords with human engineering, to reduce the pressure of shoulder. Moreover, there is an airbag design in the straps to highlight your unique charm and fashion taste. Also, a skateboard backpack is needed with many functions. According to individual circumstance, player considers to use a suitable size of backpack with some general tools such as a wrench placed and some simple spare parts, such as clothing, the spare wheel and bearing. Some skateboard package is designed to be tied to package and more convenient to carry, which will not increase the volume of the package. Put Mercurochrome and Band-Aid in the small package bag.

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