Chapter 1: 2017 Smart Year, You Are In or Out Towards Personal Mobility

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Abstract:In recent years, the development trend and competition of intelligent electric travel tools becomes increasingly fiercer, which lies in the diversity of product form and personality. For instance, the self-balancing electric scooters, electric skateboard and electric moped bike etc. featuring intelligence and portability. So, what's the uniqueness of the products born with commonality? The following questions and answers are selected to help those who are interested in the smart travel industry.

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Q: What is the current popularity of electric scooters? Is there relevant data available?
A: Now a lot of start-up enterprises take the electric scooters with clean energy as the driving force as the company's business direction, and the lightweight electric scooters have become the new favorites featuring intelligence and portability. The designated driver market is the most promising market for the mini electric scooters. Currently, there are millions of registered designated drivers and the electric scooters are essential. Some full-time drivers even have 2-3 different electric scooters to meet various environmental needs. From the aspects of finance, technology and people's livelihood, the electric scooter in a very fast speed becomes the knock-out products in the mass market.

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Q: Why does the electric scooter become the knock-out products?
A: With the cities continuing to expand, people's setting of living have been expanded. Like bicycles, motorcycles and other means of transport, they are gradually eliminated by the market because of convenience, environmental protection and other issues. The electric scooters as the representative of the new energy and transportation products emerge as the times require, so this is the market survival of the fittest under the natural law. Second, the electric scooters with its lightweight, easy to learn, practical and other features fully meet the people's various needs, and bring funnier travel experience. So, from the product point of view, it solves the pain of traditional products, and caters to the needs of users. In addition, this kind of new products are stylish, full of personality, and most of the products are intelligently controlled. These are also in line with today's development trend of science and technology.

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Q: What are the technical characteristics of electric scooters?
A: Lithium battery protection circuit and logic operation software are important features of smart electric bike's technology. Take the body material application and structural design into account and achieve portability, small volume, light weight, durability and easy foldability which requires rich experience. Compared with the traditional bikes, this put forward a more comprehensive requirements for the production enterprises. And Airwheel's core R & D team has more than 10 years of experience in industrial structure design, and its business philosophy is to put the product ideas into market value more efficiently.

(To Be Continued)

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