To Have a Date with Airwheel MarsRover at the 2017 Canton Fair

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Abstract: China import and export fair (better known as Canton Fair) is one of the biggest international trade feasts, which enjoys the largest exhibiting hall, the richest product varieties and the most visitors. Airwheel intelligent power scooter attends the Canton Fair in the phase that last from 15 to 19 April.

Hailed as the largest international fair in China, Canton Fair has sufficient influence all over the world. Canton Fair is of great importance to Airwheel because it serves as an outlet to show off its new products ranging from citizen folding electric bike to battery powered chair and its powerful technology and creativity.


Airwheel smart wheelchair


folding smart electric wheelchair


One of the new products is Airwheel Z8 that boasts its own feature of convenience with the 6.5kg item weight. First, it can pack away. After the user folds it, it can be put into the boot. When the use needs to change to the public transportation, it also can be took into the bus or metro. For office workers, Z8 colourful eclectic folding scooter will take on its convenience, as it can be put under office desk for charge. Like other kinds of helmets, Airwheel C6 and C8 smart helmets are to protect the rider. They are designed for motorcyclists and racers. However, the ability to take pictures, shoot videos, answer phones and listen to music etc. make them different from the ordinary helmets.  


Z8 mini electric scooter for adults


Amongst these new products, Airwheel Smart wheelchair is the most representative, featuring one-key to fold, remote control and remote monitor. It represents the highest technology that pushes powered wheelchair ahead of time and of other competitors. It will stir up a revolutionary wave of technology. As for the R series of electric assist bicycle, with R3 and R5, there are several features that worth visitors' attention. First, it is the position of battery. Compared to previous products, the battery is with up-equipped design installed just below the saddle.


R5 smart electric assist bike


With this change, people will not be worried about riding on rainy days, because this design is suitable for all weather conditions and road conditions. Then, the highlight of R series lies in the three different ride modes and to learn more, please go to the Booth 144, Hall 12.1.


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