Would You Like To Have A Portable Electric Bike?

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Abstract: Although the car is the world's leading means of transport, bike with more than a century of history has never been out of people's lives. Nowadays, a growing number of e bikes were born, would you like to have a portable e bike?

As a means of combining both "pragmatism" and "hedonism", bicycles are environmentally friendly means of transport, as well as sports, fitness, recreation and entertainment. It is loved by all walks of life, because of the above features. Get a bicycle, you will not regret it if you live, Mark Twain says. "There is nothing more fun than riding a bike," said John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States.

smart e bike

As the world's most livable city of Copenhagen, Denmark, its mayor, Frank Jensen who embodies the Copenhagen style of environmental protection  take the bike as the most important travel tool, even in the severe winter. This distinguishes him from politicians in stereotypes, which gains titles such as "trendy mayor", " affectionate leader", and attention he got is no less than the Danish prime minister. A lot of celebrities like riding, so does the common people. Although they cannot tell their story one by one, the riding mood is the same. The following describes the features.

portable folding ebike


Easy to use
As a hobby, not everyone will draw, play the piano, but the bike is affordable, easy to learn and easy to get started.

The most appropriate speed
Bicycles are faster than walking, slower than cars. It is the most suitable travel speed on the road to enjoy the scenery.

The feeling of sport
Life lies in motion. Whether it is difficult extreme sports, or simple, relaxed, leisurely light movement, as long as you ride, you can help the body become healthier, and keep the mood always happy and pleasant.

Of course, the reason for being able to endure is that people never give up on the continuous expansion and upgrading of the bike, from the non-chain to chain structure, from a single type of models to the specific needs of the division, like the mountains, urban leisure, etc. The bike in different era is constantly evolving, as it is no longer limited to "manpower maneuver" property. In order to meet the demand of labor saving and portability, the smart e bike powered by clean energy is very suitable for urban travel and leisure riding.


backpack electric bike E3

If this is an electric bike, do you believe it? Is it different from the traditional bike? This is a portable electric bike—Airwheel E3, compact, 12.5kg item weight that can be stored in a backpack.


R5 electric assist bike


Airwheel R5 electric moped bike has three kinds of riding modes at your choice—fitness mode (pedaling), electric power mode (with different gears), and pure electric mode (the most effortless). Is it an eye-opener? In short, the bike is absolutely universal tool for travel and entertainment. Faced with the traffic congestion and fast rhythm of life, will you choose an intelligent electric bike?

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