Airwheel Folding E Bike in Singapore: The First Locker for Personal Mobility Was Born

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In 2016, passengers were allowed to take folding bikes and other personal means of transport to the subway and bus at any time of the day in Singapore. On April 24, 2017, in order to facilitate the residents to temporarily store personal means of transport, Jing Shan Community Club in Singapore specifically bought free lockers and residents only need to set password to lock it, which is very convenient.


Airwheel in Singapore

Singapore has been one of the world's emerging developed economies and central cities. It has attracted global talent, enterprises and investment with sustainable development and green livability. Hailed as garden city, Singapore has a high level of life quality and a good living environment. The ability to have excellent layout and a sound green system relies on not only the Singapore government's efforts in environmental infrastructure, but also the Singapore's great attention on the pollution control and energy efficiency, as well as its low-carbon green traffic promotion.


Airwheel E6 smart ebike

Singapore's public transport infrastructure planning (subway, bus, etc.) is very perfect, and the public transport has always been the first choice for local residents. Recently, with the popularity of folding personal means of transport, Airwheel folding electric bike featuring portability and practicability can access to a variety of transports seamlessly which receives favorable feedback from the Singapore residents which explains the reason to add the exclusive lockers. Obviously, the relevant departments of Singapore hope that this action is to facilitate the use of personal means of transport, and then encourage more people to choose low-carbon travel.


Folding Smart Bike

Of course, on the personal transport to take on the subway, bus and other public transport, the Singapore Land and Trade Bureau also sets the size: the folding length of not more than 120 cm, height of not more than 70 cm, the maximum width of 40 cm. On this regulation, Airwheel intelligent e bikes are eligible, which can be free to carry to various public transports.


citizen e-bike

To solve the current traffic pressure and environmental problems of global large and medium-sized cities, Singapore has rich and perfect experience in the aspects of the introduction of relevant policies and the implementation of public infrastructure, etc., and it has got the effective demonstration globally. Moreover, Airwheel, a green vehicle to make up for short-distance travel is not only conducive to Singapore's green transport ecosystem to build an important travel equipment, but also is a global recommendable traffic trip.

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