Popular Airwheel S8 mini Self-balancing scooter Test in Russia.

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Airwheel S8 mini Self-balancing scooter - as new popular convenient personal transport in Russia. Details about the interesting and reliable electric scooter Airwheel S8 test.

Recently the Russian fans, show Airwheel S8 electric self-balancing scooter in the playground for us. Show it's features, load-bearing, speed, APP control have done a simple introduction, netizens have seen this video after the evaluation. (A netizen message: The left wheel seems to have been lowered to the right., so the demo is not perfect, thanks for your feedback!)

Airwheel S8 Test

The children after school, see this balance car also expressed a strong interest, as expected, learning very quickly.

Featured Comments:

1. the video is very good, for it's like.

2. the boys  Especially liked when gave a try to ride.

3. Cool!

4. oh cool should be interesting.

More details can be viewed directly from the video.

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