Airwheel E6, Z5, Z8 Testing by Dmitry Puchkov in Russia.

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In this issue: - how to successfully sit on the Airwheel wheels.

A few days ago, Dmitry Puchkov tested Airwheel's smart products. In this video, Dmitry Puchkov show the product in interior, and riding them on the square and on the road in Russia.

Airwheel Z5


Its load-bearing capacity, the weight has been a very good show. Among them, Z5, E6 folding electric bike office workers is a good means of transport. It is worth mentioning that the Z8 children's scooter, became the latest Russian children's transport toys.


smart colourful electric scooter


From this video you can see a more detailed explanation of Airwheel's intelligent electric scooter.

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