Testing drive models Airwheel E6, E3, Z5, R5 near the Krasnodar Stadium, Russia.

  • Source:Airwheel

Few days ago, Pokatushki on Airwheel (E6 ebike, E3 folding bike, Z5 electric scooter, R5 electric assist bike) near the Krasnodar Stadium by E-SCOOTER.PRO.

This time we brought Airwheel four intelligent travel products testing, E3, E6, Z5, R5.

Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooter


First of all, the girl is riding Airwheel E6 smart e bike, looks very light, flexible control, and the body structure is cool.

Then, riding the E3 smart backpack electric bike. in the absence of speed restrictions, the rider can ride to 30 KM/h, lawn or plain road can be very smooth ride.

And then Z5 folding electric scooter, and this type of scooter is usually more popular, because it is folded more smaller than others, easy to carry, for people who work far away from home is necessary.

The last is the R5 electric assist bike, and it is riding on the more stable, relatively high security. And we will generally use the bodybuilding mode, because it can increase the fitness and riding fun.

Looking forward to our next product testing?

Please look forward.


If you have more interesting about this testing, click the video get the informations.

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