Why Airwheel R5 Electric Assist Bike Becomes the First Choice of Bodybuilding Enthusiasts?

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Abstract: Airwheel R5 electric moped bike offers three riding modes, including electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and man-powered mode. Therefore, people can use it as both travel transport and exercise equipment. For those enthusiasts, R5 not only covers their travel demands, but also realizes their bodybuilding goal.


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On the one hand, it can effectively exercise their body. On the other hand, it is able cover daily travels. It actually blends bodybuilding into daily life. Generally speaking, the ultimate goals of bodybuilding are strong muscles and beautiful body line. Airwheel R5 electric assist bike can help them realizes those goals. Some people may be curious about how. The following paragraphs will unveil it.


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First of all, Airwheel R5 electric power bike is a convenient an efficient travel transport. Its maximum load capacity is 100kg and it is suitable for heights that are ranging from 1.5m to 2.1m. Also, the maximum speed is able to reach 20km/h. The equipped branded lithium-ion battery and 235W powerful hub motor pave the way for strong and forceful driving power. Multiple folding system lets riders fold it within three steps, which makes parking easily. Above all, R5 will solve travel needs for bodybuilding enthusiasts. When it comes to bodybuilding, it benefits from two riding modes, which are power-assistance mode and man-powered mode. Under the former, it offers 12 gears, from 0 to 11. Different gears provide different levels of power assistance. That is to say, the power of bicycling comes from physical strength plus lithium-ion battery. As to the latter, the power totally comes from physical strength.


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It is well-known that bicycling is an all-body exercise. In the course of bicycling, four limbs, waist, back and abdomen will be fully exercised. Gradually, the muscles in body will be much tighter and stronger. The body line will be more beautiful. What is more, bodybuilding enthusiasts don't need to spare time to ride Airwheel R5 electric assist bike specially. They can blend it into daily travels. For example, people can use it as commute transport.

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