The Best Gift for Mother's day: Electric Folding Bike R3 and Small Wheel Electric Scooter Z8, C6 and C8

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Abstract: Airwheel pushed out a host of new products. Among these new products, Airwheel C6 and R3 are the best choices for gift. Airwheel C6 serves as the protective tool and recreational tool. The Airwheel R3 is a convenient personal transport all over the world.

Among Airwheel new products, there are many choices for best gifts. When you are considering giving a surprise gift for your children or friendly, Airwheel line-up of new products are worth a look. Recently, Airwheel launched an array of new products, i.e. the electric power bicycle R3, the colourful electric foldable scooter Z8, the motorcycle helmet C6 and the racing helmet C8. For example, C6 and C8 are suitable for the youngsters and Airwheel R3 for the young people who work far away from hometown. On the other hand, Z8 suits the mothers.


electric assist bike


Airwheel motorcycle helmet C6 is designed for the young who are into the motorcycle sport. The motorcycle sport is considered as one of the most dangerous sports. The potential danger even scares away many young people. What's worse, many traffic accidents involve motorcycle sport. In spite of that, the enthusiasm about it never drops off. On the contrary, more and more people swoon over it. In order to keep the thrill and joy of motorcycle riding, Airwheel got to develop Airwheel C6. Airwheel C6 is protective and at the same time recreational. C6 is equipped with wireless connection ability and the built-in camera. It provides a veritable excellent recreational instrument for Mother's day.


smart helmet


When it comes to the public traffic use, Airwheel electric assist bicycle R3 has to be talked about. Airwheel R3 plays an important part in the commuting each day. Every day, the young ride it to work and back to home with it. It saves many bugbears for the young.


Smart Electric Bike


The first bugbear is the unexpected traffic jam. They do not need to get up earlier to beat the heavy traffic. On the other hand, it is designed foldable so that it can be easily put under the office desk. Time-saving and space-saving, Airwheel R3 is catching on to the public all over the world.

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