What Kind Of Accessories Can Be Found In Airwheel?

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Abstract: Airwheel not only designs, manufactures and sells electric scooters, but also the related accessories, like the Airwheel backpack, power inverter, exclusive charger, spare battery and other optional items for the specific model.

Airwheel mini electric scooter's design is high quality, trendy and stylish. More importantly, it pays much attention to the feedback on their products from the end user. One of highlights of Airwheel is that there are a variety of exclusive accessories, such as the backpack, power inverter, exclusive charger, spare battery and other optional items for the specific model.


Airwheel accessories


Airwheel backpack can be divided into two types. One is for the X series and Q series and the other is for E3 electric folding bike. Of course, E3's backpack is standard. The optional backpack is introduced. It is water resistant and has good permeability with many pockets. With wider and thicker straps, it is excelling in bearing system, which accords with human engineering, to reduce the pressure of shoulder. The main cabin is spacious, which can put the travel belongings such as clothes, books, and even computer easily.

Airwheel backpack


The next one is Airwheel power inverter that can be charged in the car makes Airwheel is your loyal travelling companion and enables you to free from blackout halfway. It is convenient to use by connecting the socket of car cigar lighter to realize maintenance-free. The third one is the spare battery for those models in replaceable battery design, like the Z series of foldable electric scooter, E series and R series.

60V Airwheel power inverter vehicle-mounted inverter



Of course, for a specific model, there are several optional items. For instance, the Airwheel R5 electric assist bike has three optional items.
First, the fender: Align the front fender and rear fender to the circular rod holes in front and rear wheels. Tighten the front fender with a screw and nut and rear fender with wrench.
Second, the water brush: Align the front water brush and the round hole in the rear water brush to the circular holes in front and rear wheels. Tighten it with screw and nut.
Third, storage rack: Align the round holes (above and below) in the storage rack to the round holes in the saddle and rear wheel. Tighten the top part of the storage rack with screw and the lower part with screw and nut.


Airwheel R5

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