To Talk About Charging and Maintenance of Airwheel Mars Rover in Detail

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Abstract: Airwheel mini electric scooter can be easily carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters. It had gained a great success all over the world. Its core products include portable smart transportation vehicles, service robots, intelligent helmets, underwater propeller and surfboard etc. today, it is going to describe its usage and maintenance.

Please make sure its user manual is read through and fully understood before initial use of Airwheel product, whether its mini eclectic scooter, folding e bike or smart helmet. Avoid using Airwheel in bad weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow, or ice). The newly purchased Airwheel should be adjusted in good condition, if there is any question, please refer to the aftersales staff.


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First, if the delivery time is short, users can directly use the battery. If the delivery time takes 2 months or more), the battery will lose power during storage and transport. It is better to charge the batter before use. To charge it requires plugging the exclusive charge to the battery charging hole. It needs power on the A/C source after plugging in the charger, otherwise the charger will stop working to avoid charging safety. Airwheel mars river is equipped with a high-power charger. The time you charge it is based on the lithium battery capacity. For instance, charging the battery capacity of 260Wh will takes about 180min (80%charged in 120 min). The indicator lights will turn red when charging and green when charging completes. If not for emergencies, please wait until charging completes before unplugging, for battery protection board will conduct SOC equalization as charging completes.


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The other important aspect is maintenance. It is better to store Airwheel electric mobility scooter in a dry location. For non-regular user, recharge the battery every two months to maintain the battery life. For inflation, riders need to use the extended connector to inflate the tire. Without the connector, you may fail to pump air into the wheel.


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To clean the Airwheel smart helmets, please use a soft cloth dipped with a little alcohol to wipe the helmet shell, inside liner, fixed system and other accessories. Please use the lens cloth to wipe the lens gently. Also, the helmet should be stored in the dry and ventilated places at room temperature and charged at least one time every month.

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