Have You Experienced These Key Features of Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet?

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Abstract: Once, Airwheel raised the level of people's living quality by self-balancing electric scooters. While now, knowing the development situation of commuting or outdoor sports' equipment, Airwheel makes a decision for serving intelligent products to outdoor sportsmen. C8 racing helmet is designed for them.

In recent years, more and more people have participated into the outdoor activities. However, the self-protection awareness for most of them did not increase. As we know, taking part in some outdoor activities is helpful for strengthening our body and facilitating the harmonious relationship between nature and us human beings. More or less there will be inevitably some dangers or incidents happening. Considering this, a helmet will be essential. Traditional helmets have no place in current era of Internet. Instead, C8 motorcycle helmet caters to the trend.


Airwheel C8


With the join of C series of smart helmets, Airwheel has succeeded in diversifying its business line. As a smart motorcycle helmet, what are the features of Airwheel C8, one key answer phone, 2K video shooting, and APP connection? Is that all? Airwheel C8 full face helmet was born for them. It is been precisely modelling. Each value is based on the precise control of ergonomics. Any fine adjustment counts. Its bold avant-garde streamline design highlights the sense of fashion and technology making it no longer a conservative choice.


color intelligent helmet


In addition to the strong protection function, C8 installs a 2K HD camera. With the 2304 × 1296 resolution, it is able to truly restore every wonderful moment. With the reliable battery, it realizes long-time shooting. To be exact, C8 racing helmet supports 4 hours continuous shooting, absolutely meeting the needs of riding shooting. And the Bluetooth Speaker with stunning tone quality, which lets you enjoy a clear sound and a safe ride. Moreover, its powerful protection can prevent the dust and debris into the eyes and nose, to create a more comfortable cool ride environment.


color intelligent helmet


Now, there are two colours available, simple white and classic black. C8 Bluetooth helmet has achieved great success relying on the support and encourage of its users. The business line of intelligent helmets only covers the sports equipment and Airwheel will continue to make breakthroughs.

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