What You Should Know Before Your First Ride Of Airwheel R6 Pedal Electric Assist Bike?

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Abstract: In May 2017, three new models were rolled out and R6 smart e-bike is one of them. So what you should know before the first ride?


Airwheel R6


Firstly, you need to install Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle. Take it from the box, open the lifting rod lock (see Figure 1 - arrow), insert the front into the folding riser (see Figure 1 - arrow), then close the lock, push the head to the vertical (See Figure 2); fold the handle down (see Figure3 - arrow) to catch the groove, and then buckle up (see Figure 4- arrow); open the saddle lock, install the saddle and adjust to suitable height(See Figure 5- arrow);

Then turn the brakes and dashboard to the horizontal position (see Figure 6), tighten the screws on brakes to fix the brakes (see Figure 7).


Airwheel R6


Install the pedals (See Figure 8), L for left and R for right. Please pay attention to the installation of the screw thread. The left pedal is counter clockwise tightened, right pedal clockwise tightened, and the recommended pedal torque is 35 ~ 40N.m. Start the power (see Figure 9), release the locking handle (see Figure 10- arrow); set right the bike body and put the adjustable switch in the extended gear (see Figure 11). The body automatically unfolds, and when finishes, put the adjustable switch in the stop gear, close the locking handle, turn off the power (see Figure 12).


electric assist bike


Then, you can choose one ride mode to ride among the three different riding modes. No matter which mode you choose, you need to set right the head, fold kickstand and fasten frame. Adjust R6 smart e-bike's head and saddle position to ensure a comfortable riding experience. Find the power switch in the one side of the batter, start it and hold the handle. First sit on the saddle and step on the pedals one foot by one foot. Then, when riders are ready to ride it, they can push the accelerator in the right handle to accelerate. Or rides can pedal it to go forward. Also, they can choose the power-assisted mode: turn on the power switch. Power sensor can sense the rotation, and then give signal to the controller when the riding ring exceeds three rings, so that power-assisted mode is activated.

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