Airwheel C8 Smart Motor Helmet: Ride Safely and Ride Entertainingly

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Airwheel C8 multifunctional helmet is never to be an ordinary helmet, and it enjoys rich functions, such as taking picture, recording video, playing music or answering a call and so on. It not only gives people high riding safety, but also makes journey interesting and unforgettable.

Airwheel C8 is a safety protector, a camera and a memorizer. Therefore, it not only protects rider's safety, but also records unforgettable memory in the course of journey. C8 racing helmet actually opens a new chapter for intelligent travel. Details are as follows. As a protective helmet, C8 can prevent the dust and debris into the eyes and nose, to create a more comfortable cool ride environment.


intelligent helmet


C8 racing helmet enjoys excellent ventilation system, which makes riders comfortable in the journey. Also, it adopts integration technique that ensures excellent toughness and intensity. In other words, it can bear strong shock so as to give great protection for head. Its bold avant-garde streamline design highlights the sense of fashion and technology making it no longer a conservative choice.


Airwheel C8 smart helmet


Airwheel C8 is also called multifunctional helmet, for it can record the brilliant pictures or videos anytime and anywhere in the journey. With the 2304 × 1296 resolution, it is able to truly restore every wonderful moment. It realizes 4 hours continuous shooting, absolutely meeting the needs of riding shooting. More importantly, it owns 128G memory and thus people can take pictures or videos at will. The adopted Bluetooth sound box offers perfect music experience and makes journey enjoyable. The stunning tone quality lets you enjoy a clear sound and a safe ride.


Airwheel C8 design


What if there is a call coming in the journey? Don't worry! There is an answer button on C8 smart helmets, which liberates two hands and makes sure the riding safety. The adopted noise reduction technique is able to filter out the noise in the outside so as to ensure clear call quality. In addition, C8 also has an exclusive App that can be connected to your smart phone with which riders can take pictures or videos, realize some simple operations via the phone conveniently. Via it, you can share the exciting picture or video to some network platforms, like Facebook and twitter etc., serving as a link between you and outside world.

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