A Brief Introduction of the Airwheel R6 Folding Electric Bike's Dashboard and Battery

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Abstract: Airwheel R6 electric assist bicycle, as the new product is well known for the automatic folding system and multiple ride modes. Then, do you know the functions of the dashboard and the different battery design including standard version and customized one?  

Let's come straight to the point. Here is the introduction of keys on the dashboard. Open the R6 electric assist bicycle's battery switch and the dashboard can be seen. Short press the option key, the interface switching among the ODO, VOL, E (error), A (warning) and DIS.


Airwheel R6 design


Then, it is how to set the ride modes. Long press the key 1 and key 2 (about 3 seconds) simultaneously to set the mode.

P01: backlight brightness, 1 darkest, 3 lightest;
P02: Number of speed measuring magnets: Range: 1-255;
P03: wheel diameter: unit inch; precision: 0.1; range: 5.0-50.0;
P06: Power switching mode
0000: electricity mode is closed.
0001: electricity mode is opened.


smart electric folding bike


Here is the introduction of the parameter modification of Airwheel R6 pedal assist bike. In a certain parameter state, short press key 1 and key 2 to switch parameters. After modification, short press the option key to switch to the next parameter, and save the previous parameter; when parameter modification is completed, long press key 1 and key 2 to exit the settings interface. Or wait 10 seconds to automatically exit and save the parameters. Then, how to adjust the gears will be discussed. In the dashboard interface, short press key 1 and key 2 to adjust gears from 1-9 (0000). The In the dashboard interface, short press key 1 and key 2 to adjust gears from 1-9, A, B, C, D, E, F and H, a total of 16 gears (0001).


Smart Electric Bike


It is worth our attention that the Airwheel R6 smart e-bike's battery box can be disassembled. Do as follows. Separate the battery box wire and frame line before removing the battery box (to install battery, insert the battery box first and then connect). In addition to the 30 batteries (standard), there is 40 batteries (customized). First loosen the top screw, open the battery lock with R6's matched key,
and then move the battery box in the opposite direction of the battery lock( as shown in the figure), then take out the battery box to charge. Uncover the dust cap in the battery box and connect the charger to charge.

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