Safe Operation of Airwheel H3 Electric Folding Wheelchair (Chapter 1)

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Abstract: As a brand new series, Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair is designed for those who have difficulty in walking and are easy to get tired. Here are some attentions you should pay before operation, during operation and after operation described in chapter 1 and 2.


I. Attentions before operation of Airwheel H3 folding automatic electric wheelchair: Get familiar with local traffic rules. H3 belongs to non-motor vehicle, being designed especially for the old or disabled. No driving license is needed in accordance with traffic law, but driver of this wheelchair should observe the same traffic rules that are applied to pedestrians. Please drive H3 in pedestrian lane or bike lane.


automatic electric wheelchair


II. Operation Practice: Before your first time to operate smart electric wheelchairs, please get familiar with all the functions of this vehicle. Check H3's condition to confirm if the brake and various properties are normal, if the seat is locked and the charge volume is enough. Practice the operations like moving forward, increasing speed, reducing speed, stopping, moving backward, moving uphill, moving downhill and turning direction in a safe pace with less people and good road condition. Then you can officially drive on road after getting familiar with all these operations. If possible, please find a person familiar with this wheelchair to accompany you to ensure your safety during first on-road operation.


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III. Here are some warnings. Please confirm that the operator is not suffered from any mental disease or other diseases that may attack during driving and result in the driver's incompetence of driving the vehicle safely.
Never expose H3's electrical system to humid environment (such as rain, snow or fog), do not wash this vehicle with water, which will damage the electrical system. If the wheelchair is wet, it could only be used after being dried and confirmed for good condition.
Do not drive the wheelchair under hostile weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, strong wind, temperature lower than -20° higher than 40° .The electrical system may be damaged under those conditions to cause failures in control.
Do not drive the wheelchair on desert, beach, muddy road, road with pooled water, iced road, too smooth road or saline and alkaline land to prevent the driving property of Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair.


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(To be continued)

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