Here Comes A Different Helmet—Airwheel C8, A Reliable Partner in Ride

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Abstract: GoPro have made a range of water resistant, shock-resistant digital and 35mm film cameras for use during sports. Mounting options allow the cameras to be wearable (wrist- and helmet-mounted), or fitted to cycles, cars and even surfboards. Airwheel seizes the opportunity and has produced C8 helmet camera for safety and for recreation.


Like the GoPro causing a sensation among the Extreme sports enthusiasts, Airwheel C8 smart helmets catches their attention. They are also thrilled to hear the news that a new type of smart helmet integrated with cameras has been invented by Airwheel—C8 with its bold avant-garde streamline design, which highlights the sense of fashion and technology making it no longer a conservative choice. Airwheel C8 cool motorcycle helmet adopts the ABS shell, with excellent toughness and strength which can bear impact to protect head safety effectively. Also, it improves air flow by virtue of the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, and top streamlined vents to ensure the strength as well as maximum ventilation area.


smart helmet


Airwheel C8 racing helmet serves both as a protection, and a recorder. Like GoPro, Airwheel C8 installs a 120° FOV camera that enables riders to take pictures or video. It realizes 4 hours continuous shooting, meeting the needs of riding shooting and the 128G internal storage is complementary to it. The camera is much closer to the eye which makes it resemble a third eye on the user's face, and thus what users see can be vividly recorded.


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What is more, pushing one button to answer phone is also one of important features of C8 smart helmet that liberates both hands to ensure a safe riding. What is more, the high quality Bluetooth speaker enables riders to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear the external sound, making riders be ready to deal with emergencies anytime.


bluetooth speaker


Before your adventure, you can wear C8 smart racing helmet properly in the head with the camera in a horizontal state during the ride. Close the helmet mask to effectively prevent the dust, debris into the nose and mouth, so as to ensure a smooth ride.

Here are two colors available, simple white and classic black.
From, you can find more details.

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