Safe Operation of Airwheel H3 Automatic Electric Wheelchair (Chapter 2)

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Abstract: Following the introduction of attentions before operation of Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair, the matters needing attention during operation and after operation will be introduced.

IV Attentions during Operation:

Airwheel H3 automatic folding electric wheelchair is designed with only one seat not allowing for taking passengers.
It is not to be used for moving or loading cargos. The operator should sit on the seat and grip the handle for operation.
Do not drive in a zigzag manner, take a sudden turn at high speed or incline your body to prevent wheelchair inclination to one side. Please high concentrate and drive slowly on uneven or soft road (such as grassland), when making a turn, on streets with a lot of traffic, in shopping centres or parks. Moving backward, riders need to pay attention to road conditions and pedestrians at a slow speed. Drive at a slow speed when getting out of door or elevator.
It is not permitted to sit on H3 wheelchair on escalator. Keep highly concentrated, fasten the safety belt and drive straight at a slow speed when driving uphill or downhill. It is not permit to drive the wheelchair across slopes exceeding the limit of this vehicle.

Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair

Do not cross the slope exceeding 5° at a high speed.
Do not cross over obstacles or steps higher than 4cm, which may impede the wheelchair from moving forward.
Do not cross any gap wider than 10cm. Drive H3 electric wheelchairs straight when crossing gap less than 10 cm in width. Follow traffic rules when driving through cross street and do not run red light.
Do not frequently lock or unlock the electrical door. Do not frequently start or stop the wheelchair.
Do not lend your wheelchair to anyone who is not familiar with or has never used H3.
Do not let children play with electrical door lock or operational handle.
Do not use Airwheel H3 with too much load (higher than 100KG).

Airwheel H3

V Attentions after Operation:

Lock the electrical door when there is nobody in the H3 lightweight folding wheelchair.
If you are not going to use the wheelchair for over 48 hours, please disconnect the battery wiring.
(Note removing power source socket could disconnect battery wiring).

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