About The Battery Usage of Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair

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Abstract: Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair designed for the weak, the old and the disabled pays special attention on details and the following is a detailed information about its battery usage.

Firstly, Airwheel H3 electric folding wheelchair's battery should be charged immediately after the use of the power-assisted vehicle.
Please turn off the power if not riding. The connectors of the battery box should be fixed tightly according to the requirements (the battery box connecting line has been reliably connected before ex-factory).
Loosened or wrong connection will cause the related parts abnormal and lead to serious damage.


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Lithium batteries cannot be close to open fire or high temperature heat source, cannot be thrown into water and cannot be exposed in the sun in high temperature season.
Do not disassemble and decompose, as the internal part of them lithium battery has been packaged intactly. The waste lithium battery of H3 electric wheelchair is to be recycled by the enterprise or dealer, and the government designated outlets.
Please do not throw away the waste battery, so as not to pollute the environment.


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Then, it is about the charger usage: Carefully check whether the charger's rated input voltage (AC220V) and the grid voltage is consistent. When H3 electric wheelchairs need charging, first connect the battery to the charger, and then connect the charger to AC power source .The charging indicator is red meaning it is charging. When it turns green, it will take 15minutes to be fully charged. The charging time is about 2-4 hours (depending on the quantity of remaining battery).


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Also, there are some matters needing attention in charging:
When charging, please put Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair in the safe place where children can not touch. It is not advised to use it when it is not fully charged.
Do not use other brands of chargers, and other brands of batteries are not suitable for the use of the charger. Do not disassemble, as the charger contains high voltage circuit. Prevent liquid and metal particles from penetrating into the inside and be aware of falling and impact, so as not to cause damage during use and storage.
When charging, do not affix any items. For more info, please contact Airwheel in no time.

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