To List the Unexpected Fitness Equipment In Life

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Among the 24 hours a day, subtract the time of work and sleep, you will get limited time and how to keep fit has plagued many. Though the gym has the atmosphere and a lot of equipment to promote people's movement, the cost of time and money makes many flinch. Today, several common tools in life that can be transformed into the fitness equipment will be introduced. Will you surprise?

Whether it is used to brew coffee, tea or to drink water directly, mug is the most frequently used in daily life. In sports, it can help us to do some arm training. You just need to hold the mug handle, put it over head and repeat it (by left hand and right hand) for several times. Then, you hold two mug handles by two hands, put them over head, bend the arms backward, let the mugs near the neck, and repeat several times. This will relax and exercise the arm muscles.




Hold the towel's both ends and lift shoulder similar to the weightlifting. Towels up to the arms stretching, the lowest to the chest position. Repeat several times and this can effectively relax the shoulder, strengthen the arm muscles.



Put the book flat on the head, to ensure that it does not fall, and then squat. This not only can effectively exercise the legs, but also exercise our physical posture.




4.Wine bottle
In your home, there must be many bottles, like a beer bottle, red wine bottle to serve as a foam roller. Place it in the lower leg, with arms support, move the body, and the bottle in the calf rolling back and forth. Be careful not to be too fast, in case causing harm. You can use it to roll thigh, and let the legs muscles get better relaxed.

Wine bottle


5.Electric assist bike
Whether it is the popular self-balancing scooter in recent years, or the portable folding bikes, they can consume a lot of calories. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and the smart e bikes can be used to commute. The newly released Airwheel R6 either by peddling, by electricity or combining both is the best choice. Even if there is no time or money to go to the gym, you can also hit the target to keep fit and realize bodybuilding. May every friend enjoy a healthy body.


Airwheel R5

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