Airwheel C8 Smart Motorcycle Helmet Achieves Many Things at One Stroke

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Abstract: The industrial world is developing to a smart level with the development of advanced tech represented by the artificial intelligence. The selling point for most recently-released products is intelligence. So does the Airwheel new product—C8 smart motorcycle helmet, with many intelligent functions that has attracted many riders.

Modern artificial intelligence techniques are pervasive and are too numerous to list. AI is relevant to any intellectual task. The selling point for most recently-released products is intelligence. So does the Airwheel new product—C8 intelligent racing helmet . With many intelligent functions, it has gained the attention of many distributors, fans and social media.


Airwheel C8 intelligent helmet


Airwheel takes details into consideration at the very beginning of R&D. Based on the head type database, C8 realizes 3D modeling that can perfectly match the rider's head. High density particles in one-time foam molding enjoy higher hardness and stronger shock absorption to protect head comprehensively. Moreover, its shell made of strong plastic ABS has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature. To make it an effective safety equipment, C8 cool motorcycle smart helmets installs a caution light in the rear which will keep flashing to remind the rear vehicle and pedestrian when the lighting is insufficient. What if there is a call coming when riding? People just need to press the answering button. Then, they can answer the call to give rider maximum safety.


Airwheel C8 motor helmet


Airwheel accords with the user friendly and intelligence development trend and C8 racing helmet is equipped with a high-definition lens, which is capable of restoring the realest image during riding. Now that C8 can be used as a riding recorder, with enough memory (128G). It is cyber-free to finish the recording.


airwheel c8 full face helmets


Besides, C8 has many other functions.
For one thing, it can serve as an excellent music player. The built-in Bluetooth sound box offers great music experience. If people hope for some music to kill the long-time riding, C8 motorcycle helmet can help them, too.
For another, the built-in Wi-Fi modules enable it to connect to smart phones and indoor network hot spot, then riders can share the wonderful videos to your friends or upload them to social media. In one word, C8 smart helmet serves multiple purposes

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