Is The Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet You Are Looking For?

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Abstract: Except the electric scooter or smart e bike, the protective equipment like helmet also belongs to the business scope of Airwheel. Following the momentum of C5 and C6 smart helmets, Airwheel rolled out the third one—C8 full face helmet to display its ability in other outdoor activities.


As of now, ten different series have been released by Airwheel, covering the electric self-balancing scooters, electric skateboards, electric folding bikes, smart helmets and automatic electric wheelchairs which is the best piece of evidence for Airwheel's creativity and diligence. Airwheel keeps working hard to explore in intelligent helmets and C8 the third model in C series can be used in racing and display its ability in other outdoor activities.


Airwheel C8


Airwheel keeps innovating all the time. When the electric one wheel scooter hits the market, Airwheel starts the trend of twin-wheeled electric scooter and Airwheel endeavors to develop 2-wheeled electric scooters, smart e bikes and smart helmet. C8 full face helmet covers a brand new scenario. During your riding or some Extreme sports, a helmet is necessary to protect yourself. C8 made of strong plastic ABS, has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. It chooses high quality materials featuring by excellent moisture absorption and perspiration function, making users enjoy excellent experience.


Airwheel C8


The racing or Extreme sports, along with Airwheel C8 intelligent racing helmet , will be more interesting. C8 made ingenious combination between intelligent technology and helmet and transforms the illusory imagination into reality. It is embedded with a high-definition camera. The 2K field of vision can capture the images and record the wonderful moment. Moreover, with C8, the exploration won't be lonely anymore, as it can be connected with mobile phones by the App and then users can upload your videos or images into social platforms. It deals with the trouble that most cameras cannot import the files into phones timely. Thanks to the high tone quality Bluetooth loudspeaker, riders can listen to music while riding. The wind sound won't influence the listening effect during outdoor activities.


Airwheel C8 helmet


In a word, Airwheel C8 racing helmet with steel-like hardness safeguards your safety and with many intelligent functions makes you exciting all the journey.

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