Have You Chosen The Right Trip Mode?

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Abstract: Travel, as one of the top four most important aspects (the other three referring to food, clothing, shelter or housing) has directly related to the life quality. But, do you know how to travel effectively and how to choose the suitable vehicles?

First, the travel can be divided by the distance. What is an ultra-short trip? For instance, you go downstairs and put rubbish into rubbish bin. The correct answer is no suspense and most people choose walking.


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Secondly, it is the short-medium distance trip. There is no clear standard, usually one kilometre to five kilometres or sowing this case, walking is a very inefficient choice, unless you are dedicated to walking on foot to do exercise. You can choose many ways to travel, mainly in the following:


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Bus/subway: it is a good choice if you catch them on time. Bicycles: In recent years, it has been advocated by the public, as it kills two birds with one stone. You can ride the bike to the destination effectively and build up your body as well. Airwheel smart e bike is also a good choice. Though small in size, it is equipped with customized tires and powerful motor which is able to negotiate on different road conditions. Compared to the traditional bike, it is more labour-saving and portable which is easy to carry. Especially when caught in traffic jam, you can count on Airwheel smart electric bike to go smoothly.


Airwheel A3 self-balancing electric scooter



Of course, if you are going out to walk the dog, you can also choose Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. Although the bicycle is also used by many people walking the dog, the control of self-balancing electric scooter does not require hands making it safer. Also, riders can ride it directly to park or square.

Meanwhile, you have another choice—driving a car. Driving is relatively more comfortable, but it is not conducive to exercise. Also, it consumes oil, which not only increase cost, but also is harmful to the environment.




Third, it is the long-distance travel, inter-provincial or cross-country. The choice is limited, by air or by high-speed rail. Though self-driving is free, there are many other problems, like tiredness, traffic jam and other potential dangers which is not recommended.

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