To Talk About the Multifunction of Airwheel R6 Electric Folding Bike

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Abstract: There are riders who pull the baby carriage, take pictures or shoot videos, or walk their pet dogs by riding Airwheel mini electric scooters. With the release of Airwheel R series of electric assist bicycles, riders begin to pay attention to it and today, we are going to talk about the multifunction of R6.

Airwheel R6 lightweight trekking bike comes back to the traditional design—it is equipped with chains like the traditional bicycle. It coupled with branded battery achieves long range to meet the daily commute demand. Much as R6 supports the electric mode, it also allows the rider to cycle via manual mode. R6 is not only an alternative vehicle but also a means to work out. After getting off work, the user can do exercise by riding Airwheel R6 via the manual mode. In the moped mode, 11 gears available, R6 enables riders to save energy and to do exercise. Three ride modes bring more fun and one R6 meets all demands.


Airwheel R6 ebike


Airwheel R6 smart electric bike adopts the automatic design of folding. It can pack away when the user wants to store it in a small space. Press one button to extend or contract automatically; the mini body can be carried around. As a personal vehicle, it can be stored under the office desk or in the corner. The design is the one Airwheel has been keeping in every model. For many young people, the room they live is pretty small. Therefore the demand for space is lavish. That accounts for the popularity of Airwheel R6 fast electric bike with the young.


Airwheel R6


Another draw of Airwheel R6 is its handy battery. The battery is located below the saddle. The portable battery can be brought with the user anywhere. Even his R6 hybrid bike is parked outside, he still can take out the battery and charge it up inside.


Airwheel R6 battery


What's more, the portable battery can serve as a movable battery source for the mobile phone. In R6, a quite long wire is provide for convenience of charging. Also, it has the function of prevention of battery thievery with one second to lock reduces the risk of battery theft. From, you will get more information.

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