Airwheel C Series Of Smart Helmet: Innovation Breaks Normal Rules

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Abstract: Different kinds of trip modes enrich the public's daily life. Customized travel becomes more and more popular nowadays. Just as its name implies, it can satisfy all kinds of travel demands. To give riders a safe and joyful travel, Airwheel has promoted versatile smart helmets.

Many customized travels come into being nowadays, for example, the virtual travel based on 3D technique to create lifelike simulative scenes which is designed for those people who just want to stay at home and the Eco travelling has become the focus in the era when environment pollution is getting severer. To give riders a safe and joyful travel on Airwheel electric one wheel, Airwheel has promoted versatile smart helmets.


Airwheel C5


Within several years, Airwheel who devotes itself to providing the high-quality electric scooter to the public has grown into a sector leader. For one thing, it owes to Airwheel's pursuit of high quality. For another, the wide range of business lines also contribute to its success. For instance, the Airwheel C series of helmet heads up display extends its business line to give riders a safe and joyful journey.


Airwheel C6 helmet


Various colors available, Airwheel helmet demonstrates the vigor and individuality of riders, like the C5 painted with silver gray and bright orange, and C8 full face helmet has black and white versions. Also, Airwheel smart helmet has given full consideration to its sports utility. It has upgraded the ventilating system with streamlined vents. Riders can feel comfortable as well as safe wearing Airwheel smart helmet, as it can be adjusted to adapt to different head girths. The integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength can bear impact to protect head safety effectively.


Airwheel C8 smart helmet


Airwheel intelligent helmet can meet the all-rounded needs like protecting safety, listening to songs, answering phone calls and video recording. It is the integrated 2K HD camera capable of recording the running track. Also the built-in camera also enables riders to record the wonderful moments and beautiful scenery on the road. Plus, the high-quality Bluetooth wireless speaker and microphone enable riders to listen to music and answer phones. These features make Airwheel smart helmet different from others. It is the innovation that breaks normal rules.

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