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Hello! Welcome to 'The most detailed introduction to the two-wheeled personal transport' program hosted by Airwheel! First, thank you very much for all your attention in the last two episodes and your interest for the third one. As is mentioned in the last episode, I will talk about intelligent electric scooters with you.

The electric scooters come out responding to the call of low-carbon intelligent life. The history of it is very short, so we are not going to talk about it here. Unlike bicycles and motorcycles, electric scooters are relatively diversified in form, which can be divided into a number of different types. Since they can all be called intelligent vehicles and are the new ways of transportation, we'll talk about them in one article. Next, let's look at them one by one.

【Self-balancing scooter】
If you are not familiar with this kind of vehicle, why not search it on Wikipedia?




This is a kind of electricity-powered vehicle, controlled by moving the center of body gravity. As long as you successfully master how to ride it, you can come and go silently without much body movement as if you are having super power!

Electric self-balancing unicycle can be divided into two categories according to the number of wheels.


Airwheel X3 one wheel scooter


One type looks like this.   ↑↑↑
Does that remind you of the hotwheel ridden by NeZha?

This electric one wheel is the most difficult to learn. It would be a headache for people with poor sense of balance to learn. But once you know how to ride and get accustomed to riding it, most of you would prefer single-wheeled rather than two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle.


Airwheel twin wheel electric scooter


In order to reduce the learning difficulty of this type of self-balancing unicycle, Airwheel specializes in the production of a twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter, making the contact area of tires and the ground larger, therefore the ride becomes more stable. It would be more suitable for those who want to ride a single-wheeled electric scooter but have poor sense of balance. It is also more suitable for the city riding.


Airwheel S3


This is the large two-wheeled electric scooter. The design of the world first self-balancing scooter looks like this. Compared to the self-balancing unicycle, such a two-wheeled scooter is not only larger in volume, but also much heavier. Although the learning difficulty is very low, the portability is also very low, making it fit only a few situations. It is now often used in some large tourist attractions, exhibitions and airports for patrolling needs, rather than personal travel needs.

What would it be like to combine the portability of a single-wheeled electric scooter and the simplicity of learning a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter? As a result, the category of self-balancing vehicle becomes more diversified.


Airwheel hoverboards


Is it very small and exquisite? This kind of self-balancing scooter doesn't have control handle and the wheel is very small, mostly 6 inches. The height of the chassis is also very low and for adults, the area that foot and pedal touches is too small, which allows it only to ride on flat roads. To conclude, the safety of riding such self-balancing scooter cannot be guaranteed.
Obviously, according to the market feedback, people do not use this kind of self-balancing scooter as a means of transportation. Many parents like to buy them for children as gifts, setting off a boom. However, with many accidents of scooter explosion and the Amazon action of taking products off shelves, many problems revealed such as using low quality materials and low level technology.


Airwheel S8 scooter eith seat


Another kind of self-balancing scooter uses leg controller to control the direction. Generally, self-balancing scooters with leg controller are smaller and lighter than traditional two-wheeled self-balancing scooters. The one in the picture named Airwheel S8 saddle equipped electric scooter weighs only 14.5kg, similar to the weight of an electric unicycle. So it has great portability. Compared to ordinary self-balancing scooter with leg controller, Airwheel S8 can let rider sit on it to control, making it easier to learn. This is because after constant experiments we find out that the lower center of body gravity, the easier to maintain balance and operate stably, that is the difficulty to learn to ride will be lower in the posture of sitting than the posture of standing. As we learn all kinds of things, difficulty always increases little by little. Most of us are not genius and are not able to jump to the final level. So the phased learning strategy becomes a solution to lower the difficulty of learning Airwheel S8.

【Intelligent electric skateboard】
When skateboard is mentioned, you may think of...


Airwheel electric skateboard

Cool and stylish street culture is favored by mainly young people with passion.
When electric skateboard is mentioned, it should be like this↓↓↓


Airwheel smart skateboard


The special means of transportation used by detective Conan.
When intelligent electric skateboard is mentioned, it should be↓↓↓


Airwheel M3


Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard is powered by electricity and can be controlled by a remote. It is faster than a skateboard and easier to learn. Besides, the APP on a smartphone can set speed limit to it to solve the safety problem of riding by a kid, or give yourself an adaption process from slow to fast.

It's not the end!!!
Here's another Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooter↓↓↓


Folding electric scooter


Compared to traditional skateboard, this Airwheel foldable electric scooter has a lever that controls direction, so there is no difficulty to learn it. It also fits various conditions. After folding, it can be carried into shops, buses and subway easily. Apart from daily life, it can also be a good choice for 4+2 travelers.

If bicycles and motorcycles represent the past, then the intelligent electric scooter represents the needs of current society, as well as the trend of future personal travel. The exploration of pluralism is also the inevitable process of this means of transportation goes from immature to mature. Airwheel mars rover focuses on R&D in a variety of intelligent travel products from the outset, and it also looks forward to creating the future travel trends and enjoying the freedom of traveling with you.

It's not the end of the series! Stay tuned to our next episode of program 'The most detailed introduction to the two-wheeled personal transport' hosted by Airwheel!

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