Airwheel S8 Saddle-Equipped Electric Scooter—Sit To Ride Before Stand To Ride

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Abstract: Tech firms around the world are coming up with novel ways to move and travel around which both minimize effort and maximize entertainment. Electric bikes and driverless cars both renew the way we move from A to B, other novel inventions such as scooters also begin to penetrate the corner of city.

Try to stand out? Still looking for an original way to travel? Self-balancing scooters can make it ahead of the trend.


Airwheel self balance scooter


Though a lot of people have learned a little of self-balancing scooters, the number of them who experience in person or own one is small. Some find it difficult to learn and some complain they feel fatigued in a single riding posture after a long time. Just because the study of controlling such scooters involved with high difficulty and additional effort with time, these novel gizmos cannot be a hit in large group of people.


self balance scooter


There does exist some scooters with double wheels, but hands are required to hold the handle. To free your hands, we will introduce our Airwheel S8 sitting posture electric scooter to you. How cool is that? You're able to take a break, sit down, relax and still move forward at ease. You will either free your hands or dive right in it.


Airwheel S8


Try to creep before you start walking, learn to sit ride before you stand to ride. Sitting to ride is much easier to keep balance because of the low core of gravity. As long as green hands have mastered the skills of sit ride, they will feel no pressure to stand to conquer larger fields. Actually, the sitting riding period serves as the assistant to the quick knowledge of stand ride. Armed with adaptable learning process, the barrier to master a scooter can be removed by accessing step by step.


Airwheel APP


Meanwhile, S8 mini self-balancing scooter also comes with a special smartphone App. Not only real-time data such as speed, mileage, battery can be monitored, but the maximum speed can also be restricted. Therefore, the safety of freshman can be assured in regarding to the speed restriction.


Airwheel S8


Airwheel S8 sitting posture self-balancing scooter also takes riding time into account, special LED lights have been designed for night travel. High-intensity lighting LED lights in front of the body facilitates the clear road condition in the dark environment. And the intelligent taillights consist of left and right two parts. Two lights will flitter together when you brake. Also when you want to turn, the light will show the direction just like a car. Therefore, safety can be guaranteed by the user and passers-by. Sweet design? If you are afraid to suffer the single-wheeled intelligent scooter, Airwheel S8 can serve as a substitution for you to experience new life trend.

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