Airwheel Mars Rover Becomes More People's New Favorites

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Abstract: With the increasing popularity of riding self-balancing scooter, a growing number of riders take on Airwheel mars rover riding for fun, especially for those who tend to be more creative and courageous when riding with all kinds of innovative gadgets.

Riding Airwheel mini electric scooter is increasingly becoming a new way of daily entertainment for riders. And people are finding their own favorite ways of playing with Airwheel self-balancing electric for fun and pleasures. First of all, some playing with Airwheel are trying to be different. As people find it interesting to ride Airwheel self-balancing scooter with standing-posture, many of them find more innovative ways of Airwheel riding. For instance, some young boys try to ride Airwheel electric one wheel with one leg, and challenge the balance keeping skills. After some exercises, some riders are capable of riding by one leg easily, and can show excellent riding skills with varied riding postures, which looks cool and amazing. Most riders feel self-satisfaction from exercising those stunts on Airwheel, enjoying the pleasures from challenging fresh new things.


Airwheel electric unicycle


Apart from playing skillful riding with Airwheel electric unicycle, many riders are keen on speedy Airwheel riding. With Airwheel, they can enjoy the largest speed of 20km/h. Even the speed is incomparable to that of cars, riders can still feel the riding thrills since riding at 20km/h with standing-posture is definitely more exciting and exhilarating.

Furthermore, riders can feel the pleasures from conquering varied terrains due to the strong momentum. The new released Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike equipped with 26 inch large wheels can easily move onward a steep slope, and become invincible while riding on bumpy and rutty roads.


Airwheel R8


Also, Airwheel electric unicycle provides a new way of soft and mild entertainment. Apart from wild riding or playing stuns for trills, many riders would like to take on a stroll in a park, and the riding Airwheel at a lower speed is also pleasurable and interesting since riders can enjoy the scenery along the journey or ride side by side with walkers. Moreover, the Airwheel electric assist bikes allow riders to enjoy different speeds and different ride modes (pedaling mode, electric mode and moped mode) to further spice riding up.


Airwheel S5 in Italy

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