Airwheel H3 Power Wheelchair Grants Users With A Superior And Amazing Riding Experience

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Abstract: Airwheel does not have been overtaken by the huge success of its products and keeps going. H3 is the first folding electric wheelchair, which opens a new front for the wheelchair industry. It has passed more than a month since its international debut. How much do you know H3?


Since its foundation, Airwheel has rolled out many different kinds of smart gizmos covering the self-balancing scooters with sitting posture and standing posture, the electric skateboard, the smart e bike as well as the latest portable electric wheelchairs — H3. How much do you know H3? It opens a new front for the electric wheelchair industry.


airwheel h3 folding wheelchair


With the light and thin magnesium aluminium alloy frame and colourfast shell, Airwheel H3 is polished and scratch-proof, with better load ability and durability. Controlled by the intelligent joystick controller, Airwheel H3 smart electric wheelchair features a quick reaction time, fine-tuned for instantaneous and intuitive control with which H3 is super easy to control. To push the controller forward or left, H3 will go forward and turn left. To reverse, H3 will give you reminder if there are obstacles to ensure the safety of rider and others. When your hand does not touch the controller, H3 will automatically brake.


airwheel h3 folding wheelchair


The controller includes eight buttons, the power button, horn button, lower speed adjusting button, higher speed adjusting button, operational joystick guidance, speed display meter, LED battery indicator and automatic folding switch. One of the most important features of H3 is the automatic folding design. Riders just push the automatic folding switch to realize the folding size of 790X630X370mm. Also, H3 automatic electric wheelchair hinges on the sitting posture with a soft and wide saddle made of double honeycomb mesh breathable material, wear-proof and durable. It is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than the traditional wheelchair does.


Airwheel APP


Additionally, the App makes Airwheel H3 outstanding. Nowadays, we can order meals on App, book the hotel and even make transactions on App. H3 can be connected into the mobile phone of the owner. The App especially used for H3 is complete free. The App has the ability to reminder riders the fault. Moreover, other functions like speed limit and overall data of status also appeal to riders. Little wonder that H3 smart wheelchair has received rave reviews.

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