Intelligent Technologies Are Everywhere

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Abstract: Human beings are now moving at an unbelievable pace from the industrial age into the era of intelligent development. The Internet and artificial intelligence technologies are forcing a profound change to all aspects of human society all over the world and setting trend.

21 century have seen a lot of change in our lives, many people have been using technology for a whole generation, while smartphones and tablets represent “simply the latest evolution of the home computer”. Increasing intelligent products have been designed for modern life. Why not take the chance and go along for the ride?


Airwheel technology


Have you ever imagine one kind of sweet intelligent curtain? No need to pull on heavy or hard-to-reach curtains. No more cables to operate or strings that get tangled up! It can shift itself according to the transition of currant light, temperature and humidity to provide required air conditioning and lighting needs.




Install camera into the smart phone can be common but what about install the core processor of the phone to camera? GALAXY Camera is equipped with a powerful 1.4GHz quad-core processor, and includes a slim-slot for 3G connectivity, not only improves the function of edition but adds the share shot to shoot and share in real time.




Parking seems the perennial headaches of urban life. But now it can be conquered by the real time data of the parking plot information. Several Apps have developed the system for parking search. Then, it will be much easier for you to get a parking plot quickly instead of circling blocks for half the day looking for available spaces. What about travel? Playing as a crucial role in our daily life, Travel, have experienced several transition in the passing years. Figure that out from several Airwheel productions.


Airwheel S5


Airwheel E6 smart ebike, with a small folding model, respects a new concept of travel, which can complement the transportation such as cars and buses. Thanks to its portability, E6 folding e bike can assist you to experience the view which cars and buses cannot.  


Airwheel E6


Airwheel R3 as an intelligent e bike, owns three optional riding modes. Either to choose electricity-assisted, power-assisted or exercising mode according to the circumstances and enjoy your light and unforgettable travel.


Airwheel lights


Thanks to intelligent sensor systems, Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter promises to become a fashion hit. You will be able to free your hands, by the move of center of gravity, you can control S8 to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake. Carry more objects? Or take photos while riding?


Airwheel S8


Intelligent technology now penetrates every corner of our daily life. Will you try to go for a ride? Or just wait here and get out of the trend?

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