Are You Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed? If Not, Try Airwheel Electric Assist Bike

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Abstract: In the fast developing and high paced modern society, people cherish time and pursue speed and efficiency. The traditional bike is no longer satisfy the changing needs of citizens and the new type of bike-Airwheel electric assist bike is actually changing people's life and enables them to commute more efficiently.

With the Smart electric bike market expanding rapidly in the market, Airwheel electric mope bike is catching eyeballs due to its humanized design style and premium quality, which ensures a fascinating riding experience for citizens. Airwheel R series of hybrid bike with four different models is well known for its three switchable riding models and they are able to provide very labor-saving and speedy riding experience for riders.


Airwheel R5


Airwheel lightweight trekking bike is designed to support three different riding models. When riders are tired of riding physically, the full electric model can be initiated to supply the electric power and liberate riders from physical labor. Although the speed of riding is incomparable with driving or taking taxes, it can reach a much faster speed compared with traditional electric bikes. With the premium lithium battery with high-quality wheel hub motor, Airwheel electric assist bike is able to reach the largest speed of 20km/h and riders are able to enjoy high-speed from riding experience.


Airwheel R6


Sometimes, riders prefer to ride with a relatively faster speed but not that fast like an electric scooter, so they can choose to start moped model, and under this riding model, riders can combine physical cycling with electric power. This special riding model is to satisfy the varied riding needs from riders. With varied speed, riding becomes more fascinating and relaxing. Health is very important for office workers and Airwheel pedal assist bike can help them build up their sub-healthy bodies if riders choose the man-powered mode. It is designed with traditional chain transmission and also enables riders to have a traditional riding experience with it.


Airwheel R8


With the mini size and powerful performance, Airwheel hybrid bikes allows riders to eschew the heavy traffic in rush hours easily. Faced with the huge pressure in modern society, are you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? If not, change your spiritual and physical state with Airwheel electric cross bike.

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