Airwheel Smart Electric Bike Allows Riders Go Further And Faster. No Sweat!

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Abstract: Electric folding bike have been developed with the changing requirements of the international markets of folding bike in mind. The demand for electric assist bike with typical light characteristics and comfort features has been steadily on the rise for years.

If you're fed up of travelling to work like a potato in the delivery trunk, but can't be doing with the whole sweaty cycling thing, then we might just have the answer.




The Airwheel R6 is an intelligent electric bike, and it promises to change the way you get around the city.


Airwheel R6 smartbike


We envisage R6  smart electric assist bicycle as the ideal solution for travelling at both ends of a commuter journey. A typical commuter will be able to get from home to public transport station and thereafter from destination to office or workplace without anxiety of portability, parking and security.


smart electric assist bike


So let's check out the R6's vital features…


Airwheel transport


Weighing in at just 19.2kg, the bike is easy to transport.
Don't worry about theft or having to find space in the bike park. Being light and compact with merely 0.27m3 folding size means it's convenient to carry on all forms of public transport, saves space at home or work or even on the go.


Airwheel R6


There's no need to wait, only push one button to transform your folding bike Airwheel R6 and it's ready for you instantly. No more delays waiting for public transport, arrive on time and in good mood.


car-level painting tech


Airwheel is taking car-level painting tech to extreme with its desire for the combination of utility and fashion.


Riding modes

As a combination of both pedal assist bike and electric assist bike, Airwheel R6 makes it great for both commuters and joyriders due to the continuously travel. The electric power assistance automatically kicks in when you power on your electricity mode. There's no need to worry if the battery runs out as you can always still ride it like a normal bike. Or you can choose moped mode to release the effort to ride but at the same time exercise yourself as well.


battery management system


Other highlights include the install of battery management system, which assures the efficiency and security of recharging, plus additional tail brake warning light. Want to show up at office with comfort mode? Don't be a ‘squeezed potato' any more. Try Airwheel R6 electric folding bike today.

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