How to Charge Airwheel Z Series and M Series electric scooters in the Car

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Abstract: As Airwheel Z series of foldable electric scooter and M series electric skateboard becoming more and more prevalent, many users are asking about additional charging ways. Apart from charging directly, these two series can also be charged in the car. We will discuss it in detail.

The traditional way of charging Airwheel mini electric scooters is to charge directly, that is, connecting the charger with scooter and the port on the wall. It is super easy and convenient to charge your scooter or electric skateboard in your home. However, some of you may go camping and take Airwheel Z series folding electric scooter or M series electric skateboard in the car. How to charge in such circumstances?


Airwheel power inverter


Actually, Airwheel mars rover has considered different charging conditions and launched car-mounted invertor. It has strong input volt compatibility varying from 12V to 24V to suit different cars. With the 90%+ conversion rate, it is more energy-saving and reduces the damage to battery. The car-mounted invertor also uses multiple techniques such as short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection and overload protection to protect the safety of battery. Besides, with better thermal conductivity, it will work at a low temperature safeguarded by multi protection system, stable and reliable.


Airwheel power inverter


The following are three steps to charge your scooter in the car:

1. Insert the inverter in the charging port of Airwheel electric scooters.
2. Pull out the cigar lighter of the vehicle, and insert inverter's plug in the socket of cigar lighter.
3. When indicator turns red, it means it is charging; when light turns green, it means it is the end of charge.


Airwheel Environment friendly


Airwheel power inverter that can be charged in the car makes Airwheel your loyal travelling companion which enables you to free from blackout halfway. Just by three simple operating steps, it is convenient to use by connecting the socket of car cigar lighter to realize maintenance-free ride. The environmentally friendly, portable and durable Airwheel power inverter is designed specifically for your travel!

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