To Enjoy Various Riding Experiences with Airwheel R Series electric assist bikes

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Abstract: Like Airwheel electric unicycle that makes riding exciting and somewhat thrilling, riding Airwheel R series gives you more than the excitement. With more relaxation and comforts, Airwheel trekking bikes provide unique way of riding thanks to the optimized design as well as the tremendous performance.


Airwheel R3


Currently, there are four types of Airwheel R series electric assist bikes: R5 the founding model, R3 smaller than R5, R6 introducing automatic folding system and R8 in triangular frame. They provide much differentiated riding experiences. R5 with many breakthroughs lays a solid foundation for the latter models. R3 changes the 16 inch wheels to 14 inch making it more suitable for females.


Airwheel R5


Airwheel R6 is featured by optimized design style for maximized riding comforts; Airwheel R8 is considered as the SUV style bike largely due to its 26 inch wheels and brushless motor. The large two wheels of R8 triangle frame electric bike contribute to riding stability, and riders do not need to keep balance. Riders can easily control the directions by the handle.


Airwheel R6


In fact, the entire riding experience with Airwheel R series is unique and wonderful, enabling riders to have a very healthy way of riding. After all, many people are likely to stay in house all day working or playing with smart phones; therefore, Airwheel electric cross bike provides riders with a healthy and pleasurable way of riding in the man-powered mode. Moreover, Airwheel electric power bicycle combines labor cycling with electric power. Riders are able to shift among three riding models according to different riding needs. Pure electric-powered mode can be initiated to provide a labor-saving and relaxing riding experience as it is powered by electric from premium lithium battery and wheel hub motor. As for the moped mode, you can set the speed gear via the App to enjoy a carefree process.


Airwheel R8


In addition to setting speed, you can learn the real-time states which is truly a very convenient way of informing riders of the running state. Riders can better prepare for any situations by learning about the temperature, speed as well as the power consumption. Truthfully, all the four types of Airwheel lightweight trekking bikes are able to provide dreamlike riding experience for riders.

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